Conundrum- Eat Lunch, Fold Laundry, or Do Battle With a Giant Spider?

Today I feel torn. Not only do I have to prepare for one of three Girl Scout meetings, this month, but I have to mentally brace my self to destroy Mt. Everest and Kilimanjaro (my nicknames for the clean and dirty laundry piles), find something to eat AND destroy the mutant arachnid that has taken up residency on my back porch. Because I can’t decide which to do first, I am choosing not to act on any of these options and have started typing on my computer instead. Since I arrested ,emotional development wise, at around fourteen years of age, I would be hard pressed to destroy the spider alone with out all sorts of screaming and theatrics going down, so that should wait until my husband returns. Lunch is looking less and less likely the longer I keep sitting at my makeshift desk and I’ve just decided that laundry can wait until tomorrow. Looks like the Girl Scout motto “be prepared!” has won. I’m off to find a worthwhile task for the girls.
You just wait spider, your time will come.


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