F is For Fun!

Here’s a question for you. What do you do if one of your kids suffers from a chronic case of potty mouth? Soap? Time out? Throw your shoe in a fit of rage? I’ve gotten past the point where I pretend to be aghast and make a spectacular attempt at show parenting. “My heavens”! I would exclaim with mock surprise. Then I would shake my head and commiserate with the parents witnessing this spectacle.”He must have heard that from Johnny Smith, you KNOW what a filthy mouth that heathen has”. So when I look at things now, sometimes I see them bathed in a new light. The light of someone who’s kid exclaimed last week that “It’s so freaking hot out here, our asses are burning RIGHT OFF!” when the class spent the afternoon on the outdoor playground during a spell of unseasonably warm weather.
Imagine my quandary then, when I read the phonics letter that the fours class will be covering next week. F. Yes, the letter f starts so many wonderful words, fun, frolic, fish, fancy, but I am 100% positive that I already know the word my son will offer up when they go around the circle and ask with naive glee “do YOU know an f word?”

You KNOW I'm going to say it.

You KNOW I'm going to say it.


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