True Adventure

What is it that every adventure seeker wants? I’ve been on my fair share of low intensity trips (hot air ballooning, rock climbing, hiking, kayaking, camping, etc.) but I am clearly missing some “edge” to my lifestyle. My lackluster performance in this area thus far has been made even more disappointing by the accidental discovery of an old friend on facebook. After straining my eyes to get a better look at her profile picture it became apparent to me that it was a snapshot of her sitting in the cargo hold of a plane with a parachute strapped to her back. Impressed, I commented immediately that she radiated the spirit of true adventure and I wasn’t lying. Defying danger made her face glow and she wrote me back quickly using phrases like “I love people who just go for it!” “throwing caution to the wind” and “living life to the fullest”. I watched her trade encouraging words with other like-minded fearless comrades who were also engaging in some sort of extreme sport and I suddenly became appalled at my failure to grab life by the reigns as this woman clearly had. There is a lot to be said for conquering fear and jumping into action. Weary from being the perpetual spectator, I longed to leap off the bench and join her. Not blindly stepping out of a plane thousands of feet in the air, mind you, but in some less threatening pursuit like getting a black belt or escaping killer bees. Skydiving, wrestling alligators, flying helicopters, she had seemingly been doing it all and the further I read about her accomplishments the more I felt like a weird life vampire feeding off her vitality and exuberance. My insipid stabs at high flying adventure had come no where near the level of her exploits, I was really impressed by her.
I finally calmed down enough to ask about her two great kids and husband who are also greatly missed in our neighborhood and I was glad to hear they were all loving life in the Southwest. Perhaps someday I can catch a bit of that mercenary spirit and embark on a few high risk journeys of my own but for now I am content to keep my feet on the ground.



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3 responses to “True Adventure

  1. nice…. in case you change your mind and want to loosen up try this……
    I have been planning to do this for a long time… I hope one day I will do it..:):):)

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