Gigi Rocks

I really miss my Grandma. While she was here she did many great things the least of which was to raise seven kids and remain completely sane. I continue to marvel at the list of bizarre warnings and dire predictions that come out of my mothers (and her daughters) mouth but here are some great words of wisdom my Grammy left me with.

No way. You will not name that child Fergus. Over my dead body. (While my husband and I read through potential baby names for our second child)

I would rather chew glass.(When asked if she would volunteer to take the place of another family member who had signed up to sit in front of Macy’s and collect toys for underprivileged families)

That would be their last act of defiance. (When someone jokingly warned her that animal activists might throw animal blood on the full length black mink coat everyone had gotten her for Christmas)

I hate it, it looks like boy hair. (to her daughter-in-law about her new super short haircut)

Yes, we were talking about you. You need to color your hair. (to me)

Come sit down, I’ll make you tea and we’ll talk about it. Tell me what that bitch did today. (To me after a difficult day at work)

Sadly, my Grammy passed away eight years ago this September and we miss our matriarch something awful but I know she’s up there shaking her head and laughing at all the stupid people she left behind.


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