Go Big or Go Home

“What’s with the manifesto?” This was the subject line of a response email I recently got from one of my dearest friends. First I laughed heartily out loud. “Oh she’s so funny!” I blurted out to no one in particular (well except my dogs). But then I opened it and read her brief statement.
“This is not your graduate thesis-keep it shorter. No more rambling my sweet”.
Okay, I will be the first to admit that when speaking to others I have a terrible habit of flying off on wild tangents that spiral far away from the original subject matter. I do, however , usually return to the point (95% percent of the time anyway) and manage to make closing arguments and wrap things up nicely in a pink bow. When I write a business or formal email I keep it clean, short and to the point and when I email my husband I ask easy to understand questions that can be answered with a “yes” or “no”. If I go longer he glosses over and closes his inbox immediately. But my friends? Shameless turncoats! I feel as though there is a knife sticking out of my back! If there is anyone I should be able to ramble to endlessly it’s my lifelong buddies. We all have kids, we all suffer endlessly with the same issues, we all use the same witty anecdotes. Betrayal.
In all fairness the person who sent this to me is fast, accurate,thorough and consistent (qualities I possess in least abundance) so she may have been firing off her note while running out the door to her third job that pays for all the work she’s had done in the last year (deviated septum my ass, MEOW!). Her less than sterling review of my heartfelt and genuine missive makes me feel small and a little sad but her gesture of contempt will not stop my mindless yammering (or typing in this case). She can hire an editor on her end.


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