The Art of Departure or the Rules of Disengagement

  An evening out is like a delicate intricately choreographed dance. Staying attuned to the mood and feel of the steps and listening carefully for a change in the music is vital.  There also comes a perfect point in the evening that is an excellent time to end the festivities, an ideal jumping off point.  To be able to recognize this pitch perfect way to end a night out is a gift, some say it’s an art form.  I say it’s knowing when to say enough is enough.  Good night ladies and gentlemen, it’s been lovely.  We’ve all had just the right amount of food and wine and we are all still witty and utterly charming.  Let’s all part in the rosy glow of friendship and head back to our respective camps, shall we?

It is after this  point when all sensible people have departed that the clueless overindulgers, still attempting to achieve more, and unable to see the error of their ways, begin the gluttonous descent into madness.  Just one more drink, another shot,  and numerous plates of food exceed all that is proper, normal and reasonable. This is where we start to see bodily injury(black eyes, teeth missing, unexplained bruising and the occasional broken bone) loss of memory, intestinal distress and the complete ruination of all that was once good about this soiree.  You want to leave your social engagements in peak condition, not escorted out by security.

It is at this point that your friends, if you’ve got the proper kind, step in and help you with your departure. They explain that there really is no more to achieve, no higher plane of fun that you will ascend to if you push the boundaries. They help you unhook your talons and let go, and in the morning you will be giving thanks instead of being crossed off next weeks guest list.


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