The Quitter

Ahhhhh….. is there anyone more despised and frown upon in our goal oriented society than the quitter? This pure unadulterated representation of failure strikes fear in the heart of every super achiever. “There but for the grace of God (and a lot of determination mixed with hard work) go I” you can hear them mumble while collectively hanging their heads.
How do I know so much about the plight of this much maligned sad sack loser? I was ,and sometimes still am, a professional quitter. If something promises to be too long, boring, tedious, difficult to master or excruciating you can count on me to start eyeballing around for the nearest exit sign.

Now, I’m nowhere near as bad as I used to be. I have shown incredible ability and follow through with reproducing and child rearing as well as a few team sports, but occasionally I still feel the yearning to toss in the towel and retire somewhere warm. 

One thing I have always enjoyed with unwavering enthusiasm and energy is photography. I’m not fantastic at it, but I’m no slouch either and I’ve got mountains of prints and digital images to prove it.

Perhaps my enjoyment of this past time is also fueled by the barely audible snickering and surprise that I received via phone call in response to the news that I was making photography my major at college.  “Shouldn’t you pick something more realistic?” was the parental response I received to my exciting announcement.  Disappointed, I quit that idea as fast as I’d imagined it and moved on to early childhood education and communications. Blech.QuiviraDune#12


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