Hello Sweet Freedom.

O.K. , so I just received my get out of jail free card from the very official sounding lady from the CDC. Her email informed us that we were “free to go about normal business” as long as none of us start exhibiting the tell tale signs of H1N1. Then they will swoop down upon us while opening up a can of fierce disease control measures whoop ass. To celebrate my  new found freedom I decided to see a movie. Being sprung from the shackles of voluntary confinement inspired me to see X-Men Origins, Wolverine. First off I’d like to say, “thank you Hugh Jackman, just…thank you”. You fantastic specimen of manhood. He is just an awe inspiring colossus, a big heap of what is right with the world. Womanhood owes you a debt of gratitude. When he flies up out of that tank after they inject him with that terribly painful dose of admantium (I think I spelled that right X-man aficionados) my retinas began to fry right out of my head.
Now that is the way to kick off the summer movie season! This one promises air conditioning, popcorn, thrills, chills, bang-bang shoot em’ ups, and two hankie weepers. I cannot wait!!


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